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Executive Assistant turned Online Creator & VA:

After a wonderful, exciting Career in the world of Executive Assistance in both Government and the Private Sectors, I now find myself retired from the field I am trained in. So, what now… life does not stop, that’s for sure, I find myself increasingly busier than ever, given the fact, that we are a disabilities household. It was more important than ever to create a business for myself in this new online world. So many of us have been forced to embrace technology regardless if we want to or not. So me being ‘me’, I have thrown myself in at the deep end (I always seem to do that!) so I introduced myself to the thrilling world of Social Media Management and Blogging. So far I am loving it, I have crossed paths (screens) with so many amazing Ladies who are like-minded. Nurturing beautiful friendships and business partners has satisfied my need to keep my mind busy and be contributing to our household income by utilising what I have available to me in my own home.

  • After many years of soul searching, chasing that all elusive ‘life’s purpose’, I finally realise that to achieve that is to simply live true to who I am.
  • Have you ever noticed that every self-help book ever written speaks of that all alluding ‘inner peace’? Well, I have spent the better part of the last 30 odd years studying toward self-empowerment, self-worth, self-help….self (everything!), each book providing me with much comfort during my time spent pondering its many teachings.

I am a Pinterest Addict, so what better way to feed an addiction!! Work with it! Living the dream 🙂

Kindest Regards x

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