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Hi, my name is gaye

I am an Executive Assistant turned website copywriter and virtual assistant!

My motto: Keep It Simple.
– Have you tried to build your own website and gave up in frustration?
– Just want a full functioning website already!
– DIY not as easy as you thought despite tutorial guidance
– Want to be as tech free as possible

Well, I hear ya! I have spent the last 5 years learning from the best (and the worst) and I have learned quickly and circled back to cutting all the noise and unnecessary time consuming abyss!

You do not need to go down that rabbit hole, I’ve done it for you.

The system I use to deliver your website takes what is arguably the hardest part of the build and simplifies it saving hours of work, so my prices are affordable!

Back to keeping it simple.

I know how to take your unique content and turn it into something your audience will love. I am passionate about making your website shine.

So let’s chat about your needs and I’ll explain my process, no obligation, total transparency. Talk soon 🙂

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