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What’s a Pinterest story pin? Why should I create  them? How do I get access to Pinterest story pins?   Why should I even start creating story pins for  Pinterest? Hey Sistas, this video is all about  Pinterest Story Pins. I’m going to share with you everything from what story pins are, to the  top reasons why you should be creating them,  as well as tips for designing and showing you how easy it is to start creating  story pins.

So story pins have been one of those  things that you’ve been itching to start creating,  but you need a little push? This article is for you! 

So to start with, what exactly is a story pin? Why not go right to the source? This one sentence really says it all: Pinterest says ‘a story pin gives you all the information you need’. So whether that’s to create a recipe, a craft, a DIY project, if it’s a step-by-step guide or perhaps a tutorial, the story pin should contain all the required information.  

So think of it as a trailer: it has the best parts, the juiciest bits,  everything you need to know about, everything your audience is interested in. So if that’s a recipe, you’re going to include every single step of the recipe, including all of the ingredients.

If it’s a how-to guide,  you’re going to include every single step.   A story pin is a self-contained piece of content,  it doesn’t link to a blog or a website. So that’s the big thing: story pins don’t have links,  you can’t link them anywhere. They’re native to Pinterest content, meaning that they are created specifically for the platform.

And that’s because more and more platforms that are search engines,  including Pinterest and even Google, are all about creating stories that help or more or less force users to stay on their platform. So instead of clicking from Pinterest to someone’s website,  clicking from Google to someone’s website,   these stories are, providing everything they need, right there on the platform.

So that’s why there are no links. So you’re going to make sure that you provide all the information, that’s how you’re going to take advantage of something like a story pin. You’re not going to just put up one slide,  and say ‘Click to my website’, also you’re not going to put your link in the description.

Trying to put links in the description of story pins is like trying to force story pins to work like traditional standard pins, or even video pins. That’s not the purpose of them, the purpose of the story pin is to drive engagement, to drive followers, it’s to provide all the information,  it’s to prove that you’re an expert, so that someone is likely to click that button at the very end of the slide that says ‘Follow’.

That is why you want to create these story pins.  So I want to share with you this study that Taiwan did on story pins, and I found this super interesting. Something that they said is that they analyzed 20 million pins that were published over this one-month period, and they found that story pins get 45 times more saves than static image pins.

They also say that if you have, a huge audience of over 10,000  followers, that engagement is even greater.   Also, when people start engaging with your story pins, your other pins can do better as well. So many content creators who have had story pins go viral have shared that not only do their story pins do well, but their video pins and their standard image pins gain more traction as well.

The purpose of the story pin is not to gain the click, it is to gain engagement and followers. 

It’s also worth knowing that although a  story pin is like an Instagram reel, or a TikTok, they don’t expire. So if you’re creating a story pin, it’s gonna live on the Pinterest platform forever, which is amazing, right!? 

So, whereas you might spend a lot of time creating a TikTok, or a reel, or even an Instagram story, that’s going to go ‘poof!’, disappear in a day,  a Pinterest story pin is going to live on the platform forever.

So it is definitely a better use of your time.

So I make my Story Pins the priority to Pinterest, because that’s the place where it’s going to live forever.   So can we take a look at some examples of story pins? So a great one is, if you’re a food blogger,  or even a DIY, or crafts blogger, you’re going to want to create a story that is very much step by step, so breaking down the recipe,  showing exactly what goes into it, a how to, step-by-step recipe-type post.

You could also create a tutorial, so whether that’s teaching the best study hacks, you can see there are also music story pins, on study tips, things like that. So the other thing I want you to note with story pins, is that it’s a combination of images and videos and text.

Pinterest Story Pins are a 9×16 ratio,  the same size of an Instagram story,  or a TikTok reel.



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