Rich Pins and Why Your Website Needs Them

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Have you heard the term ‘Rich Pins’?

Well, if you are familiar with Pinterest for your business then you should most definitely be interested in learning more on the subject.

The concept is how Pinterest shows additional information about your website on all of your Pins.

The additional information is called metadata which comes directly from your blog. When it is activated, anything on your blog that has metadata attached to it will show as a ‘Rich Pin’ whenever a reader of your blog may save it as a pin. Metadata gives viewers a fuller user experience and increases engagement with pinners.

Activating Rich Pins ensures your pins will stand out to pinners using Pinterest. Studies have shown it results in more repins and accelerated traffic to your website/blog.

Pins fall into 4 different categories: App, Article, Product and Recipe Pins.

When I first started looking into Pinterest and what it can do for my business, the overwhelm was real! I stumbled across some fellow Aussie bloggers who offer a free email course, it’s free right….what did I have to lose….

Well I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the course contained real value and no fluff! Loved every minute of it and I have been able to utilise their teachings to scale my business and see REAL results, I think you will too.

You can check that out here

Below is a summary of what I learnt:

  • Why Pinterest can help your blog grow.
  • Why is so important to get a business account and how to get one
  • How to make Pinterest trust you by verifying your website. Also what rich pins are and how to get them
  • Why Pinterest SEO is so important. How to find the right keywords and where to use them
  • What kind of boards you need to create and how to do so
  • How to create pins that convert
  • How to make your website Pinterest friendly
  • Everything you need to know about Pinterest group boards
  • How to save time and boost your traffic with a scheduler
  • How to get followers on Pinterest

You won’t regret offering your email address to these inspirational Sistas. 

Keep Shinin’ Sista!

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